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Firm Profile

Firm Profile 

Ziv Sharon & Co. Law office is characterized by a dynamic and informal spirit which emphasizes teamwork and joint brainstorming. Values that guide the firms activity are professionalism, reliability and humanity. A Unique and known characteristic of Ziv Sharon & Co. Law office is creativity and "outside the box" thinking, enabling the firm to produce creative solutions to taxation issues and achieve successes and unique results for it's clients. The firm's team is comprised of leading lawyers and accountants formally employed at the Israeli tax Authority and attorney general offices, and have obtained a rich experience and comprehensive knowledge in the fields of civil taxation.


The firm’s clients are often referred by their lawyers, accountants, and tax advisors who consider the firm as a solution for complex and creative tax situations. Among the firm's clients are public and private companies and shareholders, local authorities, sport-clubs, non-profit organizations, public organizations, banks etc.
The firm represents and advises in pro-bono cases, and advises voluntarily in the Israeli parliament's committees in legislation procedures as a representative of the Israeli bar and the public.


Supreme Court precedents
Due to the creativity and the firms "outside the box" thinking, the firm was able to achieve success and unique results before the tax authorities and the courts, while promoting innovative issues that were not argued before, as well as changing the interpretation and practice of the tax authorities as they were before. Among other achieved significant precedents in the Supreme Court are: Re: ML Investments (2002) - Renewal of the concept of true tax on an economic basis, that any financing expenses, would be deducted from equity generated profit from a land sales deal; Re: Elisha (2009) - Introducing conceptual expenses to income tax, which did not exist before; Re: Pur (2010) - Emphasized the need for fairness and protection of the assessee in tax proceedings, and liberalism in offsetting losses and strengthening essence versus formalism; Re: Anat Erez (2011) - Following the petition to the Supreme Court of justice, an order to the Minister of Finance was given so that the Ministry of Finance updates the per diem amounts set forth in regulations and were not updated for many years.


Public Activities
The firm's team publishes in financial newspapers and websites, lecturers at universities, colleges, seminars, conferences, before the Israeli Bar and The Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel. In addition, the firm's lawyers often advise and provide responses to legislation proceedings and more. The firm also sees great importance to promoting taxation fundamental issues relating to horizontal implications on the general public. The firm represents Pro bono people in extraordinary cases and complex tax issues that require the expertise of the firm, and also represents public petitioners on issues of broad public implications.